Awesome Spinning Siemens SuperStar will Likely Cause Crashes

This amazing spinning Christmas star was completed just in time to awe any passing drivers in Münich, Germany.

Amazing long exposure shots of the SuperStar

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Itching For Dual Displays On Laptops?

020909_rg_samsunglapfit_01.jpgIt seems that a lot of people have been going gaga over the dual displays of the new Lenovo W700DS. That is one amazing laptop, because it features a built-in digitizer, a full Qwerty keyboard and a secondary dual display. For those of you not relishing lugging around something this huge, you might consider just getting a secondary display for you laptop. Samsung knows this, but they’ve come up with a hitch. Most secondary displays won’t be on the same eye-level as your primary display.

HP Flexible Display: Cheap and Unbreakable Screen Technology

In science-fiction and in the movies, display screens are always impressive. Whether it’s the giant plasma screen or the holographic projections, things are always visually appealing in fiction. What about in reality? What is the future of display technology? Most probably, something like the prototype handheld flexible displays that HP rolled out a few days ago.

E-Paper Cell Phones: The Amazing Future of Low Power Displays

Despite the fact that electronic paper cell phones can only display information on their low-powered screens in black and white, they are so efficient that it just makes sense to have phones with e-paper screens. What’s so cool about e-paper you might wonder? E-paper is a display technology that was designed to copy the way that ordinary ink looks on paper. Unlike other types of displays, which usually use a backlight to illuminate its pixels, e-paper reflects light just like ordinary paper. E-paper is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing power. The displayed items can be changed later on. It’s used in the new Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle. Esquire had the first E-Ink cover and we recently used it to make a DIY E-Ink clock.

Look! 3M Pico-Projector Ships Later This Month


Pico-projectors have been the talk of display technology for the last few months. Finally, we will see the first pico-projector that’s ready to hit the market later this month. This comes just after Toshiba announced their version.

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Look! Sony OLED Displays Are Only 3mm Thick

The next phase in display technology will hit the market soon. Sony recently showcased a 3mm thick OLED HDTV. Granted, this one was only 11″ big, but this is going to be the wave of the future. The other real improvement is that these screens will be completely wireless and run only on battery power. This could make them perfect computer screens or home theater screens.