AquaLung Dreamlab Oceanwings: For Flying Underwater

I’ve seen wingsuits used in basejumping and skydiving, but I guess it makes sense to use something akin to those suits underwater, since some animals like ray fish use their “wings” to fly underwater.

aqualung dreamlab oceanwings wingsuit

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iGills iPhone Case Dives Deep Underwater

I admit that I take my iPhone pretty much everywhere with me, but I draw the line at taking it into water. The iGills case seeks to change this by making your iPhone fully waterproof.

igills iphone case diving rugged

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iPhone Scuba Suit Offers Waterproof Protection

Have you ever deplored the fact that you can’t take your iPhone underwater to snap those Instagram shots while you’re at the beach? Look no further because this case will keep your iPhone completely dry.

iphone scuba suit case waterproof

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