DIY: Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive Hiding Data In Plain Sight

It’s a common thing to have a USB flash drive. Most people probably have more than one since the technology evolves so quickly. These little devices are extremely useful and handy. However, that doesn’t stop them from being stolen. They can go missing at work, at school or at your office. We found this little DIY project really easy and fun, as well as useful. Also, it does look slick. Having a rubberized enclosure for a USB drive is something good.

DIY: Wall Mounted Charging Station and Laptop Desk

Having a charging station for all of your gadgets is a necessary solution to cable management if you have a lot of them. Finding the right charging solution isn’t always easy. That’s why we thought that Twistedmosaic’s DIY charging station is a great idea, especially as it doubles as a laptop desk. Take a look what he did after the jump to put this charging station together.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Subwoofer


There’s nothing more satisfying than building your own stuff. It’s not always easy, but it’s always fun to do so, even when it’s a challenge. The rewards always outweigh the effort. Dan McGrath has put together a tutorial to make your own subwoofer. Why do we need subwoofers? Read on to find the answer.

This build is long and complete. The end product is a premium sounding subwoofer, which when bought in stores would sell over $1000. Parts and tool will cost you about $200, so this is really something that you could try out in order to end up with something that sounds really good. The assembling of the casing takes up quite some time and you need to be precise. Afterward, there is some welding and you need to set up the wiring, which requires an experience and familiarity with electrical wiring. The building of the casing is more complex than the wiring, so if you are comfortable working with wood, then you should try this build out.

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DIY: How To Turn Your Old Cell Into A VOIP Skype Handset

Who hasn’t got an old cell phone lying around? Almost all of us do, since we change cell phones every other year. There are programs by service carriers to recycle phones, but there are other things that you can do with those old phones, like turning them into a Skype handset. We love skype, but the headsets aren’t always the best to use. There are dedicated USB/VOIP phones out there, that you will simply need to plug into your computer, but how about creating your own for a lot cheaper? Instructables author JFDuval did the same thing with his old phone. Here’s how he did it.

DIY: Drawer Becomes Hideaway Charging Station


Pesky wires are always a problem with modern gadgets. All of those gadgets need to be charged. Strabes found an interesting solution to this problem. Strabes turned a drawer from a nightstand into a handy charging station.

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How To: Make Your Own 9 Cell Laptop battery


One of the main reasons in choosing the right laptop is finding one that has decent battery life. Any road warrior will tell you that plugging that electricity guzzler of a laptop isn’t always easy on the go. Sure, there are outlets available, but they aren’t always free or in the same area.

The Tech Guy, a user of the MSI Wind forum, has decided that he had enough of the puny battery life of his MSI Wind subnotebook. With a 3 cell battery, it sports a dreary 1 hour 40 minutes of battery life.

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