The Best of Wooden Alarm Clock iPhone Docks

120211_rg_LowTechDocks_01.jpgIf you’ve gotten tired of putting your phone on a nearby bedside table for alarm clock duty, then it’s time to find a more elegant solution to charge and store your iPhone. There are many solutions to dock your iPhone, but some of our faves are completely low tech…

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Portable Beats: Quality Boomboxes For Every Style

040111_rg_Boomboxes_01.jpgBack in the day, everyone wanted to have a powerful boombox to play their cassettes or CDs. It didn’t really matter what kind of music you liked, it needed to be loud. Nowadays, people are more concerned about headphones and docks, but portability remains an important factor. There still are quality boomboxes that you can take with you anywhere.

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Two New iPod Docks: Powerful & Stylish, Slightly Strange

It’s a given that when you want to dock your iPod and share your tunes, you need a dock of some sort. There are thousands of different models, but these two recent models are definitely unique in their own fashion. Powerful and stylish, they set themselves apart.

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5 Favorite iPod Stereo and Docking Stations

We’re always searching for that perfect iPod and iPhone dock, the one that you’ll be able to use almost anywhere. While there are some great options available, here are some of our most recent favorites that offer storage, power and external sound options when you’re back at home.

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Two Cool New iPod Docks: From Alarm Clocks to LEGOs


Everyone who has an iPod needs an iPod dock. There’s no way around this fact. There’s always the possibility of putting one together yourself or about connecting your iPod to your stereo system, but it’s just easier to have a dock to take care of that. Most of the time, you just plug in your iPod and you’re ready to listen to your tunes. That being said, there are thousands of different models on the market. Here we’ll show you two of the most recent ones that sparked our interest. Read on to find out more.

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