Transparent Fujitsu Android Smartphone Offers Two-Sided Touchscreen

I guess that the next generation smartphones will be sporting a brand new look that’s almost out of science-fiction. This has been something that people have been lusting after for years – transparent screens – like the ones in Avatar.

fujitsu transparent smartphone japan

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Q-Pot Chocolate Bar Smartphone for Candy-Coated Calling

The Japanese do come up with some strange technology. The Chocolate Q-Pot Phone, which was designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu and NTT DoCoMo, is going to be released in Japan as a special Valentine’s Day smartphone. Does that mean you’ll only use it on that particular day? Nope, the Q-Pot Phone is designed help you get your chocolate fix whenever you answer your phone.

chocolate phone docomo japan 01

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Japanese Gardeners Rejoice With DoCoMo’s New Sensor Stick

Are you a Japanese vegan gardener? Well good for you, because DoCoMo has just released the perfect new device for you.

japan phone stick sensor gardening docomo

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Darth Vader Is Your Boss

Darth Vader is invading the streets of Tokyo, Japan, thanks to the mobile phone giant Docomo. I don’t know how much they had to pay George Lucas for the rights, but you can bet that they didn’t come cheap.

darth vader tokyo star wars docomo

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