Gmail, Google Docs & Google Calendar Go Offline

Some of these Google apps have been available offline at various times, and in limited release, but now they’re really available for everyone. You’ll need to use Google Chrome and an add-on that’s called Gmail Offline, but that’s one cool way of being able to use your Gmail pretty much in any situation.

gmail google apps docs calendar offline access

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Prefer Office But Use Google Docs? Try Google Cloud Connect

112310_rg_GoogleCloudConnect_01.jpgGoogle Docs is the way to share documents between many people, but that doesn’t stop the interface from being quite banal and minimal. Some people love this, but ultimately, I like to use something that more suited to my needs. The latest Microsoft Word interface is good and it works well for many different uses. But how can you use both at the same time? By using Google Cloud Connect.

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How To Save Money In Your Home Using Google Services Home Hacks

2010HomeHackspostBadge.jpgIt’s well-known that Google services work really well. They are simple, minimal, and extremely effective. This doesn’t just apply to the world of technology, you can use some of Google’s tricks in your own home to save money. Read on to find out more.

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Google Wave Preview

Gina has got a full preview of Google Wave available over at Lifehacker. Looks interesting, but I don’t work in collaboration with others, so the appeal is limited for me. But anyone who works on projects with collaborators will like this.

Use Google Docs to Manage Dorm and Apartment Life

060109_rg_google_spread_01.jpgOne of the easiest ways of sharing documents is Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to share any number of documents among groups of people. We’ve found that it’s an easy way to manage apartment life. If you have roommates, it’s a great way to make a budget, schedule tasks and chores, and make lists that each roommate can edit.

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