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  • My Dream Stable of Road Bikes

    One of the reasons that I started Asterisk*Cycles is because I love bicycles. I really do. By being involved with bikes this way, I am assured that I will be able to get my dream stable of bikes this year, which is no mean feat, I might add. Without further ado, here is my dream…

  • My OEM Carbon Fiber Bike

    I actually don’t know if this can be called an OEM bike. I think that it falls into that category since it can’t be a boutique bike. One of the models has been sold at least 40 times and all of the comments I’ve seen are very positive. This bike was designed by the same…

  • Pinarello Dogma 60HM1K

    At my LBS, they just received an old magnesium Pinarello Dogma, but the new ’10 Dogmas are completely made out of carbon fiber and introduce some asymmetric design. Pinarello claims the Dogma frame weighs about 860 grams, 40 grams less than the Prince but is 23 percent more resistant to impacts.

  • 70 KM Night Bike Ride

    Today I had some time off, so I went to the Giant shop to repair my disc brake. The disc was a little bent. It took about 20 minutes and the service was free, even though the bike was bought in Canada.