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Moscow’s Stray Dogs Use Subway

Moscow’s stray dogs are able to use the subway to forage for food. Kind of amazing.

They also acted differently. Every so often, you would see one waiting on a metro platform. When the train pulled up, the dog would step in, scramble up to lie on a seat or sit on the floor if the carriage was crowded, and then exit a few stops later. There is even a website dedicated to the metro stray ( on which passengers post photos and video clips taken with their mobile phones, documenting the ­savviest of the pack using the public transport system like any other Muscovite.

His observations have led Poyarkov to conclude that this leader is not necessarily the strongest or most dominant dog, but the most intelligent – and is acknowledged as such. The pack depends on him for its survival.

“The second stage of becoming wild is where the dog is socialised to people in general, but not personally,” says Poyarkov. “These are the beggars and they are excellent psychologists.” He gives as an example a dog that appears to be dozing as throngs of people walk past, but who rears his head when an easy target comes into view: “The dog will come to a little old lady, start smiling and wagging his tail, and sure enough, he’ll get food.” These dogs not only smell who is carrying something tasty, but sense who will stop and feed them.

“The metro dog appeared for the simple reason that it was permitted to enter,” says Andrei Neuronov, an author and specialist in animal behaviour and psychology, who has worked with Vladimir Putin’s black female Labrador retriever, Connie (“a very nice pup”). “This began in the late 1980s during perestroika,” he says. “When more food appeared, people began to live better and feed strays.” The dogs started by riding on overground trams and buses, where supervisors were becoming increasingly thin on the ground.

Wolves & Dogs

A fascinating article about how dogs became domesticated. It’s true that dogs that are allowed to become feral will become village dogs, not wolves.

At this early stage, the only interactions between humans and these incipient dogs were hostile. If wolves were becoming domesticated it was by self-domestication, not deliberate domestication by people. Deliberate domestication came later.

The tame foxes not only behaved like domestic dogs, they looked like them. They lost their foxy pelage and became piebald black and white, like Welsh collies. Their foxy prick ears were replaced by doggy floppy ears. Their tails turned up at the end like a dog’s, rather than down like a fox’s brush. The females came on heat every six months like a bitch, instead of every year like a vixen. According to Belyaev, they even sounded like dogs.

Mathematical Algebraic Structures

Algebraic structures, via Wikipedia

Algebraic structures, via Wikipedia


I’ve spent about 4-5 hours on my algebra homework. I still have another 27 problems to finish¹. Naturally, they get harder as you go along. Kind of annoying. I like writing easier ones first and then moving to harder ones a bit later. I like this to happen in each problem set. For some reason, I had trouble with cyclic groups and had to review the subject matter before completing two problems.

With these types of abstract math, it’s best to stop when you feel it slipping away or when you hit a problem that looks impossible to let it stew and come back to it. This has been my technique for the last few years and it works well. I have to be really careful with the solutions. I have all of the solutions of the problems that I’m doing in Hungerford’s Algebra².

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Bowlingual: The Two Way Dog Translator

082809_rg_bowlingual_01.jpgAs dog owners ourselves, we tend to do pretty much anything to make our beloved pet feel great. Depending on what breed you have, dogs can be quite expressive. Sure, they can’t speak, but they can express what’s going in their little minds. What would you say to a machine that could record and translate your dog’s barks while you were away?

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Sled-Doggies in Alaska

Cute looking dogs and a musher looking on. They just look happy!

Pointer MIA

On my way to a class, a pointer-type dog started running around me happily. There were other people around, but I guess he knew that I was a dog person and wanted to play with him. He didn’t have a leash on and he was pretty cute. He kept running around me for at least 7 minutes. I was starting to worry that his owners wouldn’t find him. He playfully bumped into my back legs lightly a number of times. It was cold and his fur was wet. He was a small black and white dog, with a red collar.

Finally, when I was near the parking of my work, I saw the owners call him in the distance. I watched until they caught up with him and went on my way.

Yoda’s Life

Yoda, the two or three week old kitten that I rescued earlier this week, is doing fine and dandy. Her life revolves around sleeping, being bottle fed some warm milk that I heat up, being cuddled, playing with my French Bulldog Spike and exploring her new surroundings. She’s never kept me up at night and always sleeps throught the entire night.

During the day or when I’m awake and she’s around, she sleeps either on my chest or snuggled right next to my arm, hip or leg. She’s really affectionate and playful. She’s also quite athletic and curious about what is around her. She plays with Spike all the time and they get along well. After the first night and after having her defleaed and deliced, she’s purring a lot when I pet her.

She’s doing pretty well and she’s incredibly cute. I’ve successfully taken a few pics which I’ll upload over the weekend.

I’m always amazed at how tiny she is. I’m glad that Spike gets along well with her. In the end, I think that he needed the company. For now, she stays crated during the day when I’m at work and at night. She sleeps most of that time anyway.

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