Bloggers Need to Disclose Freebies or Face Fines

The FCC has ruled that bloggers need to reveals if they have received freebies, or face a stiff $11,000 fine. This especially applies to all those mommy-bloogers, who seem to pimp products at every post. Personally, I was reading a few but got tired of them. I don’t read any mommy blogs anymore, but then again, I’m not their target audience. I honestly can’t stand dooce anymore.

Disturbing Dooce

I don’t know what’s more disturbing about these photos on Heather Armstrong’s site. The fact that she posted them or that she took them and thought they were funny. There is something wrong about them. They must be racist in some fashion, though I can’t really put my finger on the exact offending feature.

Dooce On The Loose

Dooce appeared in the Today Show last week. Or the week before. I’m not sure, since I’ve been traveling since last Tuesday. (YouTube, SFW)

I Love You More Than Google

But, Sarah, I love you more than Google.
Little AK to Sarah.

Now that’s love!

Dooce In The Wall Street Journal

Über blogger mom Heather B Armstrong appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

Life Before Death

A haunting series of pictures of people before death and after death. (via dooce)

Exclamation Point At Dooce

Heather Armstrong has some hilarious hatemail from haters, it’s well worth the read. The best part are her comments. I think you rock dooce!