Weeds S03E04 (Showtime)

Cable cars at Ocean Park all lined up. Taken in Hong Kong last week.

Nancy has got to make some hard choices in order to be able to pay off her debt to some drug dealers. To top it off, she is under surveillance from the DEA, so she can’t move her own dope. In the end, she gets help from an unexpected source.

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Weeds S03E03 (Showtime)

A sleeping panda bear at Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Nancy thinks her problems are almost solved, but she is wrong.

When the DEA come around, she has to find other ways of paying off her debt to U-Turn. She is pissed at her sons for making her life impossible. She has to take drastic measures to make more money.

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Weeds S03E02 (Showtime)

The cable car ride from Highland to Lowland in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Nancy’s troubles are getting a bit better. Thanks to Heylia’s help, she is able to work with the gangsters and consolidate how much she owes them. She owes them a lot of money and this guy U-Turn decides to own her ass in exchange. It’s hard for Nancy, since both of her boys are at the police station.

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Weeds S03E01 (Showtime)

Admiralty MTR station in Hong Kong.

Things really came to an intense paroxysm at the end of last season. It almost seems like the end for Nancy and her life, but in the end, hardships force her to adapt to her new situation.

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