Colors Cartesia Desk: Open It Any Way Which You Can

There’s a saying that the right desk will make any office, and that’s probably true of this amazing desk. It’s got a few tricks up its sleeve, so that it remains multi-functional while still looking g in your office or at home.

colors cartesia desk

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Smart Hack: Making a Work Table out of Filing Cabinets

When space is at a premium, you need to scale things down so that you don’t waste any space. That’s the quandary that Graham Stinson faced when he finished renovating his basement. He had a room that was perfect for crafts and a workstation, but he needed a desk that would work well in either case. He drew inspiration from a magazine and started hacking some IKEA filing cabinets.

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Unique Drawer Pulls That Will Highlight Your Desk

Once you’re ready to add the final touches to your dream desk, it’s hard not to be finicky over the final details, like the drawer pulls. A lot of desks now eschew drawers altogether, but even if you desk doesn’t have any, you’ll most likely have a some shelving system nearby that could benefit from funky drawer pulls.

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