Pogo Connect iPad Pressure Sensitive Stylus Price and Release Date Announced

Styluses aren’t just for Samsung devices, there are plenty available for iPads and iPhones. While most of them are pretty crappy, the most interesting are the ones that can connect to your iPad via Bluetooth and convey pressure sensitive information.

pogo connect lap stylus ipad drawing

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Piccolo CNC Drawing Bot: Budding Robotic Artist

Would you expect anyone to be able to assemble a drawing robot for less than $70? Well, the Diatom design studio, run by Tiago Rorke and Greg Saul, collaborated with Cheng Xu and Huaishu Peng of the CMU CoDe Lab to create this pocket-sized robot kit. They’ve named it Piccolo.

diatom piccolo 01

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Moleskine Goes Paperless with iOS App

Moleskine just launched their new iOS app for iPhone and iPad. It will allow you take notes with your favorite devices for free. Will it compete with Evernote? I don’t know, but I like the idea of using a branded Moleskine app, because their paper journals are cool.

moleskine notes app ios iphone ipod touch ipad evernote

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Sketching Again & Colour-A-Month Moleskine

Drawing I completed today¹

I currently use an A5 En Maruman 126.5 g/m² sketchpad daily. It’s the right size and easy to lug around. I also do my daily journaling in MS Color-A-Month. I haven’t been drawing as much as I wanted to over the last few years. I used to draw a lot when I was younger.

Peek at my library with lots of sketchbooks hidden behind mathbooks

I have a bunch of notebooks that are ready to sketch, though I am weary of starting or continuing my A5 Watercolor Moleskine. I feel that I need to rediscover and get better before starting on those. I’ve even got a big A4 Moleskine Sketchbook that I’m waiting to start. For now, the Maruman does well.

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Using Moleskines As Class Notebooks

A3 Moleskines
A3 Moleskines vs standard size

Honestly, it has been my plan to do so since last week, but the price of it all didn’t hit home until I was going around trying to find some Moleskines at ESLite.

After asking around to see what was available, I finally bought a Plain Soft Notebook – Extra Large (19x25cm), which is almost 8.5×11″, standard school sized paper. I was going to buy one for each class, but they are just so expensive here, about twice the price in the US. I think I’ll get them online. There’s no point in wasting that much money on these. I’ll try looking around to see if I can buy them cheaper, but I doubt it. Actually, you can get one like that for $13 on Amazon. The list price is $20. I paid $25.

Update: I just started using the Folio A4 Plain Notebook and it’s a joy to use. No bleeding from fountain pens or ink, the 100 g/m2 really makes a difference. The Plain Soft Notebook’s paper is noticeably of a lesser quality. The price difference easily justifies the purchase of the A4 Folio instead. The Folio A4 Sketchbook has got 160 g/m2 and the Folio A4 Watercolor has got 200 g/m2. The last two have noticeably less pages, 96 and 60 respectively, whereas the plain notebook has 176.⁴

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For The Love Of A Notebook

Great article over at retinart on the Moleskine drawings of Ghostskool.