Cup Holder Gadget Mount: Do We Really Need to Use Our iPads While Driving?

While I can understand the convenience of sat navs, using an existing device like an iPhone or iPad to navigate also makes a lot of sense. The only trouble that I see is that you’ll might end up using your gadget for texting or tweeting, and your car will end up in a ditch. For those of you who don’t foresee this as a problem, then the Satechi SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount is just for you.

satechi cup holder mount 01

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LEGO Minifig Jack Sparrow USB Drive: Arrr, Why is it So Expensive?

While I haven’t had time to watch the most recent Pirates movie, there are still many people who love Johnny Depp’s drunken Jack Sparrow character. This this little handmade Jack Sparrow USB drive is perfect for fans of the drunken rogue pirate.

jack sparrow pirates usb lego minifig flash drive

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3D Printed MicroSD Reader Poses as Micro Atari 810 Floppy Drive

There’s something so forgettable about microSD readers. That’s why I think that this little hack is awesome. It makes a microSD card reader look like a tiny Atari 810 Floppy drive. Rossum made this miniature using a 3D printer, which is even cooler in my opinion.

3d printed atari 810 microsd card reader computing

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Blu-Ray and Why It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, Blu-Ray won the war of the formats. For some reason, it reminds us what happened between Beta and VHS. For now, Blu-Ray is the format that reigns for watching high-quality shows and movies. Let me tell you this, I haven’t seen, watched, or bought a Blu-Ray disc. Read on to find out more.

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The Safer Way to Text While Driving

040809_rg_atxcartext_01.jpgIf there is one thing we don’t recommend, it’s using your cell phone while driving. It’s become illegal in some states. Speaking of bans, texting will soon become illegal too. It’s been reported that truck drivers who texted while driving were 23 times more likely to get into an accident than truck drivers who didn’t. Furthermore, it’s been proven that it’s incredibly distracting. You are no longer concentrating on the road. That’s one of the reasons why phones have started to become integrated into cars and Bluetooth has become so useful. Still, there was no way that you could safely text while driving until now.
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Drive Dock: Turn Those Internal HDs into Floppies!

012909_rg_drive_dock_01.jpgYou might have heard the news, Western Digital was the first company to release a 2TB internal drive. Yep, you read right. That’s 2000 GB of storage in one single drive. When I get back home, you can be sure that I’ll upgrade all of my pesky 400 GB, 320GB and 500 GB to 2TB! That being said, what are you going to do with all of those drives? You can either throw them away, recycle them, or give them away. I try to move them around to other computers that I have, but most people don’t have 5 or 10 computers laying around at home. The Drive Dock is a solution to this problem.

USB Drives: Secure and Injected Data

012209_rg_usbflashdrives_01.jpgThere is something to be said about all of the different types of USB flash drives out there. Now I don’t really mean to mention the tacky ones, but the useful and interesting ones. Most of us have a USB flash drive. Even though I learned at my expense that these little gizmos are easily infected with viruses, they are still extremely useful for lugging around large amounts of data in a compact form factors.

Wooden Animal USB Flash Drive


If getting a wooden USB flash drive isn’t enough, you can now purchase wooden animal USB drives. Marubeni InfoTech, the same company behind the wooden USB dirve, has launched these cute little 1GB drives.

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Wood USB Flash Drive


With all the wooden items going around, it was just a matter of time before someone made a USB flash drive out of wood. This USB drive is made out of cedar wood.

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