Drobo Mini: Massive Portable RAID Storage on the Go

As you’ve probably learned from experience, hard drives tend to be quite finicky if dropped. That’s one of the reasons why it’s best to leave yours home, but Drobo has just come up with a mobile solution that’s supposed to be rugged and give you tons of storage.

drobo mini portable raid storage

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All In the Family: Storing Data As a Family

011012_rg_FamilyNAS_01.jpgThe modern family can consume gigabytes upon gigabytes of data on a monthly basis: streaming their own shows, listening to different music, gaming, and consuming online data like hot water in the morning. Here’s a solution to ease the burden of filled up hard drives while being able to share files and media across devices in a household, family-style.


The Storage Conundrum: Gigabytes & Terabytes

With ever expanding storage, you start to wonder how much storage do you actually need. Movies, TV shows, photos, and music tend to take up a lot of space over time. That makes you wonder, how much do you actually need?

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Computer Maintenance: Backup Every Few Months

With ever expanding storage, it’s hard to fathom why people keep going on about backups until your own hard disk dies and you lose all of your files. Take it from someone to whom this has happened a few times, it’s not fun to go through. That is why you need to backup your files periodically, once every few months is optimal. Are there any other ways of doing this? Read on to find out more.

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Re Computer Problems

You may wonder why I have computer problems. At a certain point in my life, I sold a few computers and assembled my own rigs. The initial problem was that I wasn’t in Taiwan to take care of my desktop for a few semesters.

This meant that the virus definitions weren’t being updated, which left it open to attack. When I arrived in June, I knew that I had to do something, but I was just lazy. Formatting a C:\ drive takes time and HD space, two things that I didn’t have much of.

I’ve counted that I need to backup at least another 75GB from my C:\ before I can format. Then, I’m pretty sure that my virus problems will be solved. Actually, it’s looking pretty good. Kaspersky is on its fourth sweep today and only found 1 threat.

I have to say that I like Kaspersky better than AVG and Avast. I like how it deals with viruses and trojans right away, instead of waiting to finish a scan. It’s a lot better.

I don’t use Norton, after Norton almost ruined an HD a few years back. This is kind of like why I don’t trust any HD manufacturers except Western Digital. The warranty and the service I got on a Western Digital HD was miles above anything else I got from Maxtor. In fact, after 3 years, I got a replacement HD free of charge from WD.

This is why I only run WD HDs.

Other than that, my main rig is still running XP. I wanted to upgrade, but couldn’t bear the though of Vista. Vista was crappy-ish. Not so bad, but it’s good that I waited until Win 7 was out before I decided that I might upgrade.

My rig went haywire when I tried to connect to the internet. My guess is that the viruses were trying to link up or talk with other programs or botnets. I got the blue screen of death a few times. Services.exe caused that.

The last thing that I want to do right now is spend money on a laptop, but it looks like I might have to, depending on how things go. The other thing that I haven’t done is purchase a Drobo. I’ve been thinking about this for months, but haven’t done so. I should just get it over with.

We bought our computer in October 2006, a month or so after we arrived. This was somewhat after my other laptop crashed. We got it fixed, and we got a desktop. At the time, I wasn’t really thinking about it, but the desktop served us well. With the 22″ Viewsonic LCD, we spent $1,300 on it.

The laptop has still been used on and off. My wife bought a MacBook Pro last year and she’s been using it happily. The old Compaq laptop served as my downloading machine while I was in Canada. The HD fried when I came back last year. I haven’t replaced it yet.

Anyway, we’ll see how things go this week. If it doesn’t improve, I don’t really know what will happen. I might have a new MacBook. I might not. I might just have a new HD.

How To Set Up The Perfect Home Network Home Hacks

2010HomeHackspostBadge.jpg Most homes use WiFi networks nowadays, in large part because they’re easy to setup and convenient to use if you have more than one computer user in your home, which is a given with most families. While wireless networks are easy to setup it’s common for people to underestimate what their new WiFi network can do. Without further ado, we present to you our perfect home network and how to set it up.

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Paracompact Spaces

Toroid, via Wikivisual


It’s strange that I was actually researching paracompact topological spaces on Sunday and that we are seeing those types of spaces in my complex analysis class. We just started the Berenstein & Gay Complex Variables¹ book and things are pretty interesting. I actually deduced that we were heading there because of some of the concepts that we are seeing.

A paracompact space is a topological space in which every open cover admits an open locally finite refinement.

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Life Without A Laptop

Life without a laptop, by Matt Wood. He swapped his MacBook Pro for an iPhone.

I’ve just lived about a year and a half without using a desktop computer. I find that a two laptop system works well. One laptop doesn’t move from home and is used to view and download files. My other laptop is more recent and goes with me when I need it. Then again, one of my laptops plays the role of a desktop computer. It’s still not perfect. I have a desktop from 2006 back home which I’ll setup as a server when I come back. I’ll swap out the drives for 2TB HDs, install a 64-bit OS and buy a Drobo system, or something like that to backup files.