Dutch Company Will Start Selling Gene Therapy Treatment in 2013


A Dutch company, uniQure, states that it will start selling the first human gene therapy to be approved in the West by mid-2013. They expect an explosion of similar therapies to be available soon.

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Exploding Carbon Nanotubes Could Work as Drug-Based Delivery Devices


Carbon nanotubes can be used in a variety of different contexts. Most recently, tubes were filled with drugs and sealed with biodegradable caps, allowing them to work inside cells, where they delivered their loads. There has been some concern that these nanotubes might not target the drugs well enough, which is why researchers at the University of Rochester in New York State have come up with exploding carbon nanotubes.

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MicroCHIPS Wireless Drug Implant Releases Timed Dosed Injections


Researchers have announced that a wirelessly-programmed implant, which has been successfully tested in human trials, could save patients the pain of daily injections.

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