thumbsUp! Dual SIM Card Case for iPhone 4/4S: Switching Made Easy

Having a phone that can easily switch between SIM cards is very convenient, especially if you travel a lot. Usually, you’d have to manually take out a SIM card and insert another one in its place, unless you’ve got one of those off-market phones with mulitple SIM slots. The thumbsUp! case makes this process easier, if you happen to have an iPhone.

thumbsup dual sim card case iphone

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Spli-T-ime Watch: You Could Just Wear Two Watches, No?

This concept watch might look like a dual time zone watch, thanks to the fact that it’s basically composed of two watches linked together. But it actually tells time in just one time zone – hours on the left, minutes on the right.

paul kweton spi t ime 01

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Use Two IKEA Ludvigs to Create a Compact Desk for Two

120610ghostchair.jpgIf you’re a multi-computer household in a small space, it can be a task trying to share a home office (or even creating one for each of you). It’s not always easy to find extra space for laptop duty, but that’s exactly what Elle with a minimum footprint taken up, simply by setting up a duo of common IKEA furniture pieces side by side.

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Heroes Dual S03E13 (NBC)

Heroes was one of the few runaway hits of the last few years. It’s extremely popular and has a large fanbase, transcending the comic book genre on which it is based. The plot revolves around the so-called Heroes trying to save the world from destruction. Their lives become intertwined as they struggle. Some characters are able to travel to the past and into the future, changing the stories as they unfold.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
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