The CD Spindle Case Terrarium Atomic Shrimp

CD and DVD spindle cases can be reused in a variety or purposes, but this is the first time I’ve seen them reused as a terrarium. With only a few steps you can make your own small terrarium that will grow over a period of days.

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Easy Living Without Buying CDs or DVDs

Ever since I was a teenager, music has always been very important for me, which is why I have so many CDs. Believe it or not, I’ve got about 1,200 CDs, 200 DVDs, and about 600 vinyl records. About 6 years ago, I stopped buying these. How do I live without them? Read on to find out more.

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Futurama Complete DVD Collection Comes in a Bender Head

If you haven’t heard, the new season of Futurama just started on Comedy Central. In last night’s episode, Mom Robots released a new and updated version of their eyePhone, a phone that is pushed right into your eye! To celebrate this insanity, all of the seasons of Futurama have been collected in a robot head, which is  Bender’s. (Although surprisingly not President Nixon’s head in a jar!)


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Make A Custom iPod Dock From Your CD or DVD Drive

Just like floppy drives, CD and DVD drives are slowly becoming obsolete. Sure, you might use them from time to time, but most of the time, they just sit there unused. This great little hack will transform your under-used CD or DVD drive into a custom dock for you iPod.

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LG’s Flat DVD Player


Finding a place for a new console in your home theater rig isn’t always easy, especially when technology evolves. The consoles aren’t always that pretty. LG seeks to solve this problem with their stylish DVS450H DVD player. It can be set-up horizontally, vertically or even mounted on a wall, underneath your HDTV.

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I Am Legend Alternate Ending

The DVD release of I Am Legend will feature an alternate ending. The ending was leaked onto YouTube and torrent sites. It has been removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement to WarnerBros. I suggest trying here and here to see it.

Alternative ending

The tone of the ending of the film was altered dramatically before the film’s release, with the majority of the changes made to the standoff between Neville and the infected in his laboratory. Visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs recounts the original ending starting with the standoff, “At that point, Neville’s—and the audience’s—assumptions about the nature of these creatures are shown to be incorrect. We see that they have actually retained some of their humanity. There is a very important moment between the alpha male and Neville.” David Schaub stated, “Then, when Neville finally turns the alpha female over to the alpha male, there is this little love moment between the two of them.” The infected then retrieve the captured female and spare Neville’s life. The original final shot follows Neville, Anna, and Ethan as they cross the remnants of the George Washington Bridge in hopes of finding other survivors.[33] This ending will be used in the DVD release.[34]

From the Wikipedia entry on I Am Legend.