Sony S5100 Blu-Ray Player: Don’t Cut Yourself on Those Sharp Angles!

I know of many people these days who use their PS3 gaming consoles as their main Blu-ray player, but this new standalone player from Sony looks pretty cool too.

Eschewing the curvaceous lines of the PS3, the Sony S5100 Blu-ray Player has a sleek angular design.

sony s5100 blu ray player

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Slingbox 350 & 500: Content Place-shifting Gets a 1080p Upgrade

There are plenty of apps that allow you access to some of your content when you’re away from home, but what if you want to access all of it at the same time? The new Slingboxes might fit the bill, since they will allow you to do that.


slingbox streamer content dvr

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Torne Adds A DVR And TV Tuner to PS3 (In Japan)

After Europe got the PlayTV for their PS3s, Japan is getting the Torne, a TV tuner and DVR combo for the PS3 that unfortunately won’t be available in the US any time soon.

ps3 torne dvr tv tuner home entertainment

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US Supreme Court to Allow Wider DVR Use

071509_rg_supremedvr_03.jpgThe US Supreme Court declined to block a new digital video recording system that could make it easier for viewers to bypass commercials. We know that you don’t like wasting time. We think that commercials are a waste of time if you have to suffer through them. Thankfully, DVR technology lets those of us who still watch cable bypass them.

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