Titan Arm Assistive Exoskeleton Wins James Dyson Award

Exoskeletons are definitely the way to go to boost and assist people’s natural strength. There have been numerous exoskeleton prototypes created, but most of them cost an arm and a leg to make. That’s not the case of the Titan Arm, winner of the 2013 James Dyson Award.

titan arm exoskeleton dyson 620x394

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Dyson Airblade Tap: Wash and Dry

While it’s been designed for use in public spaces, I’m pretty sure that I’d like to have a Dyson Airblade Tap at home. This water faucet is combined with a very powerful hand dryer, which will dry your hands in a matter of seconds.

dyson airblade tap

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The Dyson Balloon Accelerator: No, You Can’t Ride In It.

A couple of engineers from Dyson decided to build a balloon accelerator, which uses Dyson Air Multiplier fans to speed along a balloon on its merry way, kind of like what a particle accelerator does, albeit at a much slower speed.

dyson balloon air multiplier video accelerator

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The City DC26: Dyson Releases Its Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

012110_rg_DysonDC26_01.jpgWell it looks like this cute little vacuum cleaner, which seems perfect for modern urban environments, will be released in the UK. This can mean only one thing: it will be available soon in the US.

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Dyson DC31: Lets Men Vacuum Clean With Power

070109_rg_dc31_01.jpgGetting your SO to do a bit of cleaning around the house can be sometimes problematic. In essence, that’s the reasoning behind the Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners. They give a lot of manly attributes to vacuum cleaners so that male sensibilities aren’t upset when we start doing a bit of cleaning, using no less than the world’s fastest motor to suck up all of the grime and dust.

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