Comfort Cast Makes Broken Arms Look Almost Desireable

Whenever you have a broken limb, life can get quite difficult. There aren’t plenty of ways that you can make it better, however, sticking a screen on it and completely modernizing is something I hadn’t thought about before now.

comfort cast kyuho song broken limb

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E-Ink Keyboard Concept: Optimus Monochromus

The Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev was cool, but it was way too expensive for most people, especially since keyboards are used so often and can break over time. I can only imagine what repetitive typing would do to all of those expensive little OLED displays. The E-inkey concept keyboard uses more cost-effective E-ink displays instead.

e inky

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Phosphor World Time Sport E-Ink Watch Slims Down

The new Phosphor World Time Sport uses an E-ink display in its face, which isn’t something new, however this watch is quite sleek. It’s also waterproof and since the display doesn’t use much power, you won’t have to change the battery anytime soon.

phosphor world time watch timepiece e-ink

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Jonathan Frey’s Horodron E-Ink Watch Looks Awesome

E-ink has been around for a while, but there aren’t that many watches which use it as a way of displaying the time. Jonathan Frey seeks to change this with his E-ink watch that he calls the Horodron.

horodron watch e-ink jonathan frey concept

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Tokyoflash E-ink Concept Watch Will Become A Reality If You Vote For It!

I went through a phase where I loved Japanese watches. I still do, but for now, I use my cell phone as a watch. That being said, those guys over at TokyoFlash continue to come up with some great ideas. This time, they’ve created this cool curved E-ink display watch, which might become a reality.

tokyoflash watch e-ink timepiece japan

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Liquavista’s Smartly Dressed Up Mobile Phone


Here at Unplggd, we love E ink. The new display technology that is used in the Amazon Kindle and the fabulous E Ink Esquire cover is going to revolutionize displays, since power consumption is extremely low compared to our power hungry LED screens. Liquavista promises a new type of way of integrating E ink displays to consumer devices.

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HP Flexible Display: Cheap and Unbreakable Screen Technology

In science-fiction and in the movies, display screens are always impressive. Whether it’s the giant plasma screen or the holographic projections, things are always visually appealing in fiction. What about in reality? What is the future of display technology? Most probably, something like the prototype handheld flexible displays that HP rolled out a few days ago.