RHA MA150 Earphones: Lots of Bang for Your Buck

When it comes to earphones, it’s best to have a couple of pairs around because you never know when you’ll lose your favorite pair or you’ll break them. These earbuds offer a surprising good audio response for their price, and are good entry-level, or backup earphones for your favorite pair.

rha ma150 earphones earbuds

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onanoff Magnum Earbuds: Magnet-based Cable Management

Like many people, I hate getting my earbuds all tangled up. Of course, when you stash them in any pocket, this is what happens. These new earphones from onanoff are supposed to resolve this issue thanks to a handy magnetic organizer.

onanoff magnum earbuds audio earphones

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EOps Noisezero Sports+ Earphones Won’t Let Go of Your Ears

I always hate it when earbuds pop out of my ears, especially when I’m on the bike or on a run. UK designer Michael Young has come up with earphone design that will probably stay put, no matter what you are doing. Oh, and the earbuds are made from recycled plastic bottles.

eops noisezero sport michael young earbuds

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Ways to Wrangle Tangled Earbud Cords

You may have grown accustomed to having your earbuds tangled, but there are better ways of storing your earphones without them always ending up in knots. All of these ideas will keep your earphones tangle-free and will probably make them last a bit longer, because earbuds tend to break easily, given the abuse they suffer.

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These Earbuds Always Stay In

071012_rg_EarbudsStayIn_01.jpgI consider earbuds a practical essential while traveling about town. Sure, you can wear bigger headphones, but earbuds are infinitely easier to stash them away and less obvious when out in public. Nevertheless, earbuds have the annoying tendency to pop out…here are a few I’ve found to offer a secure fit.

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Hate Loose Earbuds? Try These Easy DIY Earbud Modifications


There’s nothing more annoying than going for a run or being out during an errand with your favorite pair of earphones, and having to constantly fiddle with them so they stay put. In my experience, specific types of earbud covers are needed to prevent earbuds from popping out. Here are some easy ways to making them stay put from a DIY perspective…


Adapter Turns Earbuds into Headphones

While I have some large headphones at home, I always carry earbuds with me because they are just so small and convenient. This new earbud adapter is supposed to expand the usefulness of earbuds, allowing them to become headphones.

ear adapter jc karich earbud headphone

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Sennheiser IE 800 Earphones and HDVD 800 Amp: Probably Amazing, Definitely Expensive

Sennheiser makes some really good audio products, and they’ve just upped the ante with some top of the line earbuds and an accompanying amplifier. If you’ve got deep pockets and audio quality is important to you, then these might be worth your attention.

sennheiser ie 800 earphones glow

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Fake Ear Earphone Tidy: Store Your Buds in Someone Else’s Ears

I’m not sure about these things, on top of creeping me out, these fake ears double as an earphone caddy. They will allow you to store your earbuds without getting the cords all tangled up, which is good since that shortens the life of your wires.

earphone fake ear tidy cord

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Octopus Earbuds Stick to Phone Screens Like Tentacle Suckers

Are you tired of fiddling with your earbuds when storing them and taking them out of your pocket? Take a look what Red Dot Design concept winner Donghee Suh has created. The Octopus Earbuds are fitted with suction cups that will adhere to your screen when they’re stowed.

octopus earbuds donghee suh red dot design earphones headphones concept

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