Ancient Cooking Stones Help Reconstruct Earth’s Magnetic History


Cooking stones that line Maori steam ovens in New Zealand are helping scientists study the history of the Earth’s magnetic field. The cooking process generates so much heat that the magnetic minerals in the stones will realign themselves with the direction of the current field.

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River Formation Due to Interplay Between Incision and Soil Creep


The precise conditions that cause rivers to form branches have long been a mystery, until now. A new study pinpoints two opposing physical forces that work together to produce the intricate patterns of rivers. This could help scientists understand rivers at all scales, even on other worlds.

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5-Mile Wide Buried Asteroid Crater Discovered in Canada


A 5-mile wide and 3,000 foot deep asteroid impact crater has been hidden near Bow City, Alberta, for millions of years. Bow City has been deserted for decades.

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Grand Canyon Thought to Be 65 Million Years Older Than Previous Estimates


A new analysis of the mineral grains from the bottom of the Grand Canyon indicates that it was formed about 70 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous Period, a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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Unusual Indian Ocean Earthquakes May Signal Tectonic Breakup


On April 11th 2012 a pair of massive earthquakes rocked the Indian Ocean. Scientists think that these may be the latest step in the formation of a new plate boundary within Earth’s surface.

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