Seismic Cloak Could Protect Your House, But Your Neighbors Won’t Be Happy

When someone starts talking about cloaking devices and technology, I immediately reference the Romulan tech of Star Trek. However, when it comes to earthquakes, scientists are working on a way to cloak entire structures from tremors.

seismic cloak france

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Analysis of 2011 Virginia Earthquake Suggests Seismic Risk


Last year, the surprise 5.8-magnitude earthquake that struck central Virginia was actually worse than previously thought. Detailed analyses of the ground motions triggered by the event indicate that Washington DC and other affected regions could be at higher risk of major ground movement.

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Pre-Typhoon Training Days

Riana by Allievn
Riana Van Niekerk by Allievn

I woke up pretty late today. It was late enough for my wife to get up, have breakfast, and come back to bed. I needed the sleep. With my freelance blogging, I rarely go to bed before 3AM. I know it’s unhealthy and I need to change this, but I haven’t managed to do so. I managed to get about 9 hours of sleep.

Anyway, I didn’t go for a long run, just a very short one with Spike to the park and back, twice today. I felt like taking it easy the whole day. This week, I’ve run about 13.5 km. That’s not a lot, but part of me remembers that I usually start training too aggressively and wind up with injuries a few months later. I just remembered. My week stops tomorrow, so I can get some more mileage in.

There is an earthquake right now while I am typing this. It’s 1:37 AM.

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Earthquake Hits Taipei

I don’t know any details, but I was working on some posts when the building started shaking. It lasted for about 10 or 15 seconds. I forgot to count. It was around 2AM. It can’t have been a large one, since no alarms were heard.

I woke up this morning after having slept about 5 hours. I was pretty tired. Since I do my writing at night, at around midnight, I can’t seem to be able to wake up early enough so that I can get some training done before work. That would be the ideal situation, getting up at 6AM, working out until 7:30AM and then heading to work. I was so tired that I took a 1-hour nap. I woke up alert and refreshed. I knew that I’d be working until 8PM.

At around 5PM, I wanted to get something to eat but ended up at the grocery store to buy some meat and spaghetti. I ate quickly and left for Sanchong.

I finished teaching tonight at 8PM. I was subbing in Sanchong and realized that the brakes on Old Nancy were really bad. I brought her in for a tune-up. That ate up the hour that I had planned on using to train. It would have been my first nightly training session on the bike. Still, we had some funky typhoon weather, so I wasn’t too bothered at having missed the chance to work out today. It’s supposed to be my rest day. Since I finish working tomorrow at 4:30 PM, I can be on my bike at 4:45, meaning that I’ll be able to do at least 65 km.

What’s annoying is that the mechanic just tightened the brakes. I wanted new ones since Old Nancy doesn’t seem to break as fast as usual. This makes me unsure of her and apprehensive about going 90 kph on crowded streets. I’ll drop by the mechanic tomorrow again.

6.0 Earthquake Hits Taiwan

A 6.0 earthquake hit 17 km east of Taipei last night. It was a 2.0 or 3.0 in the city. The walls shook a bit.

Earthquake And Wedding Photographs

During the Sichuan earthquake, a wedding took place. These are the photographs of that event. (via kottke)

Quake In China Kills Thousands

A major earthquake has hit Sichuan province and thousands are dead. Some flickr coverage on the disaster.