Caleb Larsen’s Arty Cube Endlessly eBays Itself

When I first read about this, I thought to myself that it’s just a plain, black acrylic cube, but then I read on and found out what this thing exactly does.

art caleb larsen cube

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Matt Haughey Sells On Ebay

Due to a recent medical condition, Matt Haughey has decided to sell his technology blog on ebay. The site hasn’t been that active of the last two years, but in its heyday, it generated $3,000/month, had a PageRank of 9/10, and got 180,000 RSS subscribers.

The auction has currently 31 bids and the price is around $3,000, but I expect this to go up pretty quickly. There is no reserve on this auction.

Father Sells Guitar Hero III For Wii For 9100$

After catching his 15 year old son smoking pot, a Canadian elementary teacher sold his coveted Guitar Hero III Christmas gift on ebay for 9100$.

Buying Pro Mountain Bikes

If you are thinking about getting a pro mountain bike off ebay, here is a tip that I got from a pro mountain biker. He’s my student and owns a Trek 9.9 from 2006. He told me that now’s the time to get a bike off ebay, because the pros are getting rid of their bikes from last year and buying new ones. Pros, if they aren’t fully sponsored, will pay cost on these bikes. That’s about %50 of retail value.