Flower Grenades: For Peaceful Eco-Terrorists

When you see a vacant lot that’s fenced off and no one seems to care about it all that much, why not throw some grenades at it? No, not the ordinary explosive kind – but instead use some Flower Grenades. These ‘grenades’ will sow seeds wherever you want to, thanks to the smart way that they are put together. They’re perfect for the eco-warrior in you.

flower grenade suck uk fun eco warrior friendly green fun

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Eton’s Soulra XL Solar Dock: Bigger Panel Means More Tunes

Eton’s last solar dock was pretty cool, but their bigger version, the Soulra XL, now comes with a larger, retractable solar panel that will juice this iPhone and iPod dock up for a much longer time. The new Soulra XL will ship shortly and will be able to soak up the sun a lot better than the previous model.


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Rubber Laptop Bags Won’t Bounce

These rubber bags aren’t made to haul your trash, but to haul your precious laptop around. The Rubber Bag Collection from PKG is made from recycled rubber, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t stylish. They can hold and protect laptops from 13-inch up to 16-inch models.

rubber bag laptop sleeve pkg recycled sustainable eco-friendly

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10 Eco-Friendly Substitutions For Glue, Caulk, and DIY Tools

As anyone who’s ever tried doing some DIY projects at home, you’ll know that a lot of the products that you use improving your home—glues, paints, varnishes—can be somewhat toxic. That’s why we thought that it would be a great idea to put together some green alternatives to those products. Read on for more after the jump.

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Fisher & Paykel’s New Super-Efficient Washing Machines

032410_rg_FisherPaykel_02.jpgIt’s kind of hard to go without a washing machine. It’s always possible to not use a dryer, but you need to wash your clothes. Having used a few laundromats, it’s always best and easiest to have your own machine at home to do the laundry. However, not all washing machines are as efficient as these ones from Fisher & Paykel.

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Chillchasers Are Eco-Friendly Patio Heaters

111009_rg_chillchasers_01.jpgWith the rapidly plunging temperatures, it’s certain that most of us have already abandoned using our patios, unless you’re in a warmer state. Let’s face it, patios are great for BBQs and hosting parties. It just bums us out when we can’t use them anymore.

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The Amcor: The Iconic Fridge Chair

032709_rg_fridgechair_01.jpgFinding the right chair isn’t always easy. You’ve got a lot of different choices, and sometimes it’s not obvious which one would suit you best. First of all, you need something comfortable. Then you need to think about how it looks. Afterward, you’ll need to make sure it fits in your home office. When I saw the Amcor chair, I was really surprised. It is a green chair made from recycling a refrigerator.