Rapidly Retreating Glacial Ice Leaves Species Threatened


The rapidly disappearing glaciers are altering more than the physical landscape, as a recent analysis suggests. Species that live in streams and rivers that flow from melting glaciers could start disappearing when half of the glacial cover in a region is lost.

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Ecuador Rainforest Fungus Survives on Polyurethane without Oxygen


Polyurethane is one of the most commonly used plastics in different types of products, but it’s also one that takes an extremely long period of time before it can be broken down. A team of students from Yale discovered a fungus that has a healthy appetite for all things made out of polyurethane, which includes garden hoses, shoes, seats and more.

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Volcanoes & Fires

Tungurahua volcano spews ashes and lava in Cotalo, Ecuador
Small fires burn on the hillsides in the German town of Pottenstein

The fires burning in Pottenstein are part of an annual festival traditionally held to ward off evil spirits from the past year. Both photos are wonderful and the best from the Fire & Ice series over at The Big Picture.