Elecom M-TP01DS Wireless Touchpad


Elecom has just introduced their all new wireless touchpad. This Elecom touchpad is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT computers and tablets, but not Android devices.

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Elecom iPad Case Becomes Full-Fledged Keyboard

Keyboard-cases are nothing new for iPads, but it takes a certain mix of elements to make a really good one. After tackling your smartphone typing needs, Elecom decided to create a keyboard-case for your tablet.

elecom ipad keyboard case

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A Mouse That’s a Battery and Eyeglasses for Your Cell Phone

While touchscreens and trackpads might be what people yearn for, the reality is that most of us still have to use computer mice in some fashion. This is why Nendo designed this mouse that looks like a “D”-cell battery. Need I say more?

nendo elecom kandenchi mouse megane stand japan

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The Tale of Mice of a Different Tail

080511_rg_UnusualMice_01.jpgWhile there are a few touch-based input devices available for PCs and desktop computers, most users still rely on the tried and true mouse. Productivity and physical health can greatly depend upon having the right mouse in hand configured correctly. But sometimes you also want a mouse that just looks different…a whole lot of different.

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Elecom Faucet iPad/iPhone Stand: Go with the Flow

This is probably the closest your smartphone or tablet should ever get to water. This strikingly unusual stand itself was designed by Nendo for Elecom in Japan. The faucet stand will support all manner of smartphones and tablets. It’s definitely one of the rare ways that commonplace electronics can mix with water.


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Nendo Data Clip for Elecom: Clip it Anywhere

This USB flash drive can be clipped anywhere, thanks to the clever way that it was designed.  Since USB drives are becoming smaller and smaller, it’s gets easier to lose them. This is one of the reasons why this design makes good sense.

elecom data clip usb nendo japan flash drive

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Elecom Keyboard & iPad Stand: Turn Your Tablet into a Desktop PC

It’s true that using a keyboard with your iPad works well, but in retrospect, doesn’t it just transform your tablet into a regular computer? Elecom doesn’t think so, and they’re about to release their keyboard and matching stand to fit your your iPad.

elecom japan stand keyboard ipad apple input

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Great Little Card Reader Sticks to Metal Surfaces

110809_rg_elecomcard_01.jpgThere is just something about simple and efficient solutions to problems. For example, it’s really hard to go without a USB card reader. These small devices are used to read the cards from your cameras and other devices. Luckily, some of the newer computers and laptops have them built-in, but for those of us who don’t, this card reader is nifty.

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