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Quebec, the Elections, and Hockety @n+1

Interesting essay by Bherer over at n+1. While I consider myself Quebecois, I’ve never been a fan of hockey. This essay delves deep into the province’s love of hockey and the result of the most recent federal election, when the Bloc Québecois lost a lot of seats.

Iran’s Complex Political System

This depicts Irans complex political system, a mix between religion and politics

This depicts Iran's complex political system, a mix between religion and politics

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Real America

I thought that this was pretty cool.

I thought that this was pretty cool.

President Elect Barack Obama

35 incredible images of Barack Obama over at the Big Picture. These are my favorites.

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Please Vote USA November 4 2008

Please make your voice heard and vote.

It’s your civic duty.

I voted in the Canadian federal elections on October 14th. It was easy as pie, I spent 15 minutes waiting in line, reading a book and listening to my iPod. This was a voting station in the downtown core. Most of you will only have to show up.

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