BMW i Pedelec Electric Bike: Stash It in Your Prius and You’re Ready to Go

I’ve never been a fan of electric bikes, but I can see a use for them, especially for people who need the extra help to get a move on. Most electric bikes are also a bit bulky, making them less than convenient for everyday use. That said, BMW just released a new concept for a foldable electric bike, that you’ll be able to stash almost anywhere.

bmw i pedelec electric bike

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Lit Motors C-1: Electric Scooter with a Roof?

I’ll admit that if you live in Asia, cars aren’t very convenient, though the trend for super-minis is starting to catch on in Europe and slowly in North America. This prototype vehicle takes things a bit further by taking away a couple of wheels and using gyroscopic stabilization so that it remains upright.

c 1 lit motors scooter electric roof

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OSSA Monocasco Electric Bike Concept: 1970s Style, 21st Century Tech

This concept electric bike looks like an updated version of the original OSSA Monocasco bike that Santiago Herrero rode in the 1970s. However, this bike is an electric version, so you can use it pretty much anywhere without worrying about fuel efficiency and harming the environment. While it probably won’t burn the kind of rubber that the original did, it is an appealing compact and energy-efficient package.

ossa monocasco electric

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Ridekick Trailer Turns Any Bike Into an Electric Bike

Have you ever wished that you had an electric bike, especially while hauling groceries home from the store? Well the Ridekick trailer promises to do everything an electric bike does, plus offer you some extra storage space as well. It also allows you to unhitch the trailer and go without using electric power.

Ridekick Trailer Power Bike Electric 01

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Rinspeed Dock + Go Makes Mini-Cars More Useful

For a moment, I thought that this dock for your super mini-car would make it into a mini-pickup, but that’s not the case. Once attached, the resulting car looks kind of cool, albeit strange and wrong in so many ways.

rinspeed dock go electric car pickup extra storage add on

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Drawing Electronic Circuits with Pen and Ink

Have you ever thought about creating electrical circuits with a pen? Apparently some engineers have, and came up with this prototype. These electric circuits were drawn using a silver-inked rollerball pen. The circuits can be drawn directly on paper, wood, and other surfaces. Now that’s an amazing pen.

hand drawn electronic electric circuit rollerball jennifer lewis bernhard

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Geely McCar: Electric Car Has Electric Scooter in the Trunk

Geely’s new McCar concept vehicle stuffs an electric scooter in the back. While this might sound like science-fiction, it’s actually going to be made. The main question will be if it’s going to be available in the US. Still, it’s an interesting take on the whole mobility scheme.

geely concept mccar electric scooter

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Nissan Leaf CARWINGS Game: Get the Best Mileage!

Anyone who’s played games on any modern console knows that your gameplay can be ranked via these Internet connected systems. I remember the first time I plugged in an old Xbox and saw how I ranked in the U.S. Now Nissan is taking a page out of the Xbox Live book with their new car, the Nissan Leaf.

nissan leaf energy efficiency green fuel rankings

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Neuton Battery Powered Gardening Tools: Mowers, Trimmers, and Blowers

060309_rg_neuton_power_01.jpgGardening and mowing your lawn is always a pleasurable experience, especially since summer is about to arrive in style. For most lawns, you absolutely need a gas-powered lawnmower. The smaller electric corded ones can’t reach. However, that’s no longer the case. With the new Neuton lawnmower (previously tested by Grace over at Apartment Therapy LA), you’ll be able to tackle the largest lawns. Plus, there are a bunch of other handy battery-powered gardening tools available as well.

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