Stormtrooper Basketball Jersey: There’s Only One Team Playing for the Empire

Ever wondered what stormtroopers do for fun? How about a pleasant basketball game, between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. Who would win? Well, if you want to root for the Dark Side of the Force, then you should get this basketball jersey, which will allow you to play for the only important team, the Empire’s.

stormtrooper basketball jersey

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AT-AT Made From Recycled Computer Parts: Blue Screen of Hoth

This awesome-looking AT-AT was created by Sage Werbock. He is an expert welder and blacksmith. Sage put this AT-AT together using scrap parts salvaged from old computers and some sheet metal. I have to say that the result looks pretty impressive.

star wars at at imperial walker computer parts

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Fallen AT-AT Snow Fort: Hoth on Your Lawn

Did the great snowpocalypse get you down? Then head on outside just like Jabo27 and build yourself a fallen AT-AT snow fort. If you’ve got a front yard on the East Coast, then you probably still have enough snow around to do this as well.

star wars empire at-at sculpture snow

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Empire Roofing: The Shingles Strike Back

This crazy brochure for a Star Wars-themed roofing company comes courtesy of designer Milos Cakovan. It definitely makes the whole idea of roofing your house a bit more fun.


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