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Tough Day

I don’t know how I got through the day. The pressure is on for the end of semester and I was pretty stressed over the last few days. I didn’t get any sleep yesterday and planned on cutting my afternoon classes, after having taught 4 hours. It didn’t pan out. I felt guilty and went to class and stayed for the full 4 hours. Towards the end, I was getting drowsy.

Two Exams Down Two More To Go

I’ve completed two exams, two more to go. Both were challenging. The two hardest are coming up next week. I’ll be in my books most of the week as well. It’s going to be hard.

Two more assignments are due. One is almost done. The other one is in the midst of being completed. This semester was rough. I didn’t have enough time to focus on my studies because I was working too hard. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that things will work out though.

Numerical Linear Algebra Assignment

I’m almost done. I’d say about 70%. It’s due on Friday. I spent 6 hours coding with Matlab. I watched the final project presentations of the guys finishing this year. I took some photos.

Semester Coming To An End

It’s most probably my last week in Quebec. I’m getting ready to go back to Taiwan for the summer. I’ll be back in Quebec in late August. After the killer week I had last week, I needed the weekend to sleep. I must have slept more than 10 hours each night.

One more homework left before I’m totally finished.

It’s gotten cold today again. And rainy. I’ve been getting a lot of cancellations in the past week as well. I need to plan my trip to Ottawa to get my visa at the TECO office.

Friday: Semester Almost Complete Four Exams Done

My semester is almost over. I’ve got one last homework to complete for next week. I plan on attending the final research project presentations next week.

Exams went well. Out of four, three went well. The last one was a bit hard. I don’t know. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m totally out of it yet again. However, I did finally get my care package from Camelbak. More on the unboxing tomorrow. I took some nice photos.

Wednesday End Of Term Four More To Go

I’ve been studying intensely for the last few days. I’ve been concentrating on Numerical Analysis, the class in which I had the most work. Things are progressing well.

Tomorrow I have two exams. One in Analysis I and one in Numerical Linear Algebra. I have finished my classes and I have part of the day off. I have to head to school for my 1:30PM Analysis I class to see what the prof has to say about the exam. So until then, I’ll study Analysis I.

I did a little bit of art yesterday to relax. I had some of my class notes binded since my original notebook was falling apart. I created a cover for them. I also covered my course book in a cover and spent some time drawing a cover image. I used a combination of watercolors and china ink. I’m uploading pics as we speak.

Monday End Of Term Four More To Go

Worked all day.

Taught four classes.

Was able to study for three hours.

I studied Numerical Analysis. I’m starting to get a good feel about the subject matter.

I have to go buy some  see-through post-it notes for my studying. I hate people who write in books. Books are meant to be kept pristine, especially school books. That’s true for all of my books.

I’m totally out of it. I went to bed at 2:30AM and got up at 6AM.

I did some paperblogging, but not the arty kind. I just wrote out a few posts on paper. Will posts those later this week, once the exams are done. I got about three original posts done today. I wrote another one last week. I’ll have to type them up at some point. Saturday or Friday. After my finals.

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