Working Out With Tech: Easy Tips to Stay Fit

When you’re trying to get back into shape, there’s nothing more motivating than seeing some basic stats of your various workouts. Most of these devices aren’t that expensive and you get a lot for what you pay. Also, there are quite a few solutions that are compatible with smart phones.

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Ultramarathoners Remove Toe Nails

Permanently removed toe nails, Matthew Staver for NYT
Mr. Ulrich's permanently removed toe nails, Matthew Staver for NYT

More and more ultramarathoners are opting to have their toe nails permanently removed.

Benefits of Intense Physical Endurance Training

There are many benefits of daily exercise. I find that if you train for endurance sports, you get even more rewards. I’ve participated in team sports, but they are harder to organize. It’s hard to play team sports every day, but it’s easy to go out for a run or bike every day.

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