Slurm Energy Drink: Ride the Wave with Slurm!

Have you ever wanted to taste the highly addictive energy drink from Futurama, that was called Slurm? Well, now you can thanks to some enterprising Futurama licensing folks. Although I can’t speak about its taste, which is apparently not that great, it’s still cool to have a can filled-up with Slurm.

slurm energy drink futurama wormulon fun novelty

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Romulan Ale Energy Drink: Belly-Up to the Space Bar

Don’t tell me that you’ve never wanted to drink some Romulan Ale. The drink was made popular by Star Trek, and pretty much anyone who’s seen the movies or the shows has wanted to drink some at some point in time. Now, you can buy some Romulan Ale for yourself.


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Tiger Blood Energy Drink: Now You Be Like Charlie Sheen (Winning)

Unlike Charlie Sheen, if you weren’t born with Adonis DNA, and don’t really have tiger blood coursing through your veins, then this Tiger Blood Bi-Winning Energy Drink will allow you to compensate. Take this #winning advice!

tigerblood energy drink charlie sheen adonis dna funny

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7.8 KM

Yesterday I didn’t go running. Philippe was busy and I felt totally out of it. I decided to take things easy and to go for a run today, even though I knew that it was going to drizzle. I went out at around 3PM. It wasn’t too cold, about 16C, and there was a slight drizzle with some wind. I was fine in two layers plus shorts.

The run to Battlefield Park is always a challenge since it’s all uphill. I really worked on the way that I ran. I always tried to keep in mind that I didn’t want to hop around. I tried to be as efficient as possible and pushed myself forward instead, minimizing the energy expenditure. I took a different route, and I clocked in a few more miles.

It took me 43:13 to run 7.8 km. I’m almost impressed with my time. This week, I ran 41.9 km. The run went well, I wasn’t too tired and I tried to accelerate my pace. I didn’t do any speed or interval training, but tried to go faster than usual.

After my run, I went directly into the shower and started a bath. I took a hot bath for my legs. It felt great. Then I took another shower and used a contrast shower on my legs, spraying them with only cold water. It made a difference.

I also tried making a restorative drink. I’m happy with the results and I drank almost 700ml of it. I think that I could drink 1L. I’ll try brewing the energy drink next time. I didn’t use any tea because it doesn’t work well with the milk. However, the other recipe is lighter and you could use it instead of water.