Nissan Leaf CARWINGS Game: Get the Best Mileage!

Anyone who’s played games on any modern console knows that your gameplay can be ranked via these Internet connected systems. I remember the first time I plugged in an old Xbox and saw how I ranked in the U.S. Now Nissan is taking a page out of the Xbox Live book with their new car, the Nissan Leaf.

nissan leaf energy efficiency green fuel rankings

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New Energy Efficient Computer Monitors Powered By LEDs


As you may have noticed recently, manufacturers are releasing LCD computer monitors that are powered by LEDs instead of the usual CCFLs. What does this mean? Well, just like with usual lighting, LEDs are more efficient than other forms of lighting, which is one of the reasons why LED-powered HDTVs are also starting to appear.

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5 Great Energy Efficient Washing Machines

There are quite a few manufacturers touting their energy-efficient washing machines. It’s sometimes hard to decide which one is best. Here you’ll find 5 distinctive washing machines, suited for all budgets, that cut down on costs by saving detergent, water, and electricity.

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