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Green Laptops: Going Eco-Friendly on the Road

081211_rg_GreenLaptops_05.jpgAs with green PCs, there isn’t much information available about the how environmentally friendly your current laptop is, but with a bit of digging, you can find out a lot about your next one. While going green is great, you also have to think about how long you’ll be able to use your next laptop. If you can keep it an extra year, you’ll not only save money but also keep the environment cleaner by consuming less.

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Buying a Greener PC Part 3

072911dell-studio-hybrid-range-green-eco-pc.jpgWhile you can toil and try to build your own greener computer, there are some manufacturers who actually already offer energy efficient and greener parts sourced computers. These ready-made solutions will allow you to choose a computer that uses less energy and possibly has more recyclable parts for easier e-cycling. Not all of these options are widely known, which is a shame, but here are a few we think are worth considering the next time you’re in the market for a new machine…

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Building Your Own Greener PC: Part 2

072211-Recompute-Photo-1.jpgAlthough there are plenty of computer manufacturers offering “greener”, more energy efficient computers these days, information about putting together an energy efficient and environmentally friendly machine isn’t nearly as common. There are so many component options out there, it can be a trying task to find parts designed for high efficiency and hopefully also designed to be easily recyclable/less hazardous when its lifecycle is over. We continue our series exploring greener options for video cards, cases, and power supplies…

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QisDesign’s LED Lamps: Boutique Energy Efficiency

As LED lights are starting to become prevalent, thanks to the fact that they are getting more energy efficient than CFLs, we’re finding some interesting lighting solutions from all sorts of companies. These lights were created by the Taiwanese company QisDesign, and they look quite fetching, especially the table lamp that folds completely flat.

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Here’s How to Put Together a Greener PC Part 1

070811_rg_GreenerPC_01.jpgYou rarely hear much about green and energy efficient computers, and mostly we hear about the gaming rigs that can run the latest games in the best resolution. However if you want to put together a greener PC, what would you use? Just like any PC, assembling one can be problematic since there is a plethora of choices in components. In this series of posts, we will give you ideas and suggestions on how to put together a fully functioning green PC.

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The Most Efficient Way to Light Up Your Workspace

032911_rg_LEDTableLamps_01.jpgCFL lighting is quite common now, but soon enough we predict LED lighting will overtake compact fluorescents, thanks to their superb energy efficiency and arguably their overall better form factor. On average, LED lighting should consume less energy than other sorts of lighting technology readily available. Their small size also allows for some pretty interesting designs, specifically for LED task lamps for the home offifce.

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Energy Efficient LED Christmas Light Decorations

121010_rg_ChristmasLights_01.jpgIt’s the time of the year where everyone in a festive mood has put up some Christmas decorations. One of the best ways of decorating your Christmas tree or home is by using LED Christmas lights. They boast an energy efficiency that cannot be attained by using traditional lighting.

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