TYLT PowerPlant External Battery Pack: Never Run out of Juice Again

No matter what smartphone you have, at some point in time, even if you’ve got a 2,300 mAh battery, you’ll end up needing a juice up. While there are plenty of battery cases available, these kinds of products quickly become obsolete once the format of your smartphone changes. That’s one of the reasons why having an external battery makes a lot of sense.

tylt powerplant external battery front

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Seismic Cloak Could Protect Your House, But Your Neighbors Won’t Be Happy

When someone starts talking about cloaking devices and technology, I immediately reference the Romulan tech of Star Trek. However, when it comes to earthquakes, scientists are working on a way to cloak entire structures from tremors.

seismic cloak france

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Nanosheet-Flower Structure Boosts Energy Storage

Closer view of the germanium sulfide structure.

This flower-like structure is made out of germanium sulfide (GeS), a semiconductor material that has extremely thin petals with an enormous surface area. The GeS flower may help boost the energy performance for the next generation for storage devices and solar cells.

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Graphite Foam Could Harness Energy from Temperature Gradient in Oceans


Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) think that they could use graphite foam to harness energy from the temperature gradient in tropical waters, where the difference between surface and bottom varies as much as 70 to 80 degrees.

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Study Shows that Cephalopods Travel Faster in Air than in Water


A new study, using high-speed photography, shows that squids can save energy by flying rather than swimming. Some species of Cephalopoda can launch themselves into the air using the jet-propulsion system that they use to swim. Until now, researchers have thought that this sort of ‘flight’ was used by Cephalopoda to avoid predators, but the new study shows that the animals actually conserve energy when using this way to travel long distances.

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Radioactive Ghost Suit Installation: No, the Aliens Have Not Arrived

No, these aren’t aliens or anything like that, but this art installation by Luzinterruptus is pretty spooky. The anonymous artist group put together this haunting installation for the Hamburg Dockville Festival. It’s supposed to remind us of the dangers of nuclear power.


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Ecopad Tablet Concept: Let Your Fingers Do the Charging

It’s true that most tablets do need to get charged up regularly, so it would be nice to come up with a way to reduce the need for recharging. The Ecopad concept was given a special award in Fujitsu and designboom’s ‘A Life with Future Computing‘ design competition for its innovative approach to juicing up.

ecopad designboom fujitsu concept design korea competition tablet

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Water Heaters Inside Your Homes to Provide Energy

Utility companies are trying to figure out way to tap the electricity that has been hiding about in your home. It’s surprising, but with smart-grid technology, it will be possible to sell back some of that untapped electricity to your favorite utility company, to save you money in the long run.

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Belkin Conserve Surge Outlet Saves Money & Energy

093009conserve01.jpgWe first mentioned this surge protector last year. What made it distinctive and useful is that it came with a remote that would switch off some of the outlets. Now, Belkin have announced an update to their Converse Surge. It now comes with a timer.

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Funky Swedish Clock Displays Home Energy Usage

090809_rg_eaclock_01.jpgThere are a bunch of ways of getting the skinny on what your energy consumption is. The trouble is that most of the time, these figures are displayed in numbers, or if you’re lucky graphs. We think that if this information were displayed in a more visual fashion, it would actually help you keep your energy usage down.

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