Ressence Type 3 Watch: Look Ma, No Hands

For as long as watches have been made, most of the analog watches have had hands of some sort. Granted, there are plenty of digital watches that eschew hands altogether, but I have trouble naming any analog watches that didn’t have any hands. This one takes the ‘no hands’ concept to a whole new level.

ressence type 3 watch gravitational

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New 3D Form of Graphene May Lead to Flexible Electronics


Graphene can support 50,000 times its own weight and can spring back into shape after being compressed by up to 80%. Graphene also has a much lower density than comparable metal-based materials. A new super-elastic, three-dimensional form of graphene can conduct electricity, and will probably pave the way for flexible electronics.

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Self-Assembling Polymer Increases Hard Drive Capacity Fivefold


Synthetic chemists have designed self-assembling polymers, which require heat in order to rearrange themselves. This technology has the potential of increasing hard drive storage capacity fivefold.

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Ultra-Strong Artificial Muscles Made From Carbon Nanotubes


In order to showcase ultra-strong artificial muscles, Ray Baughman from the University of Texas at Dallas and his colleagues built a catapult.

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Superhydrophobic Coating Allows Boiling Water without the Creation of Bubbles


Water can be made to boil without any bubbling if a boiling surface is specifically treated so that the vapor cushion does not break down. This is linked to the Leidenfrost effect.

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Remote Controlled Cockroach Biobots


Madagascar hissing cockroaches aren’t something pleasant to see, but if you’re trapped under a collapsed building, then cockroach biobots might help come to your rescue. The researchers state that the trick to cockroach biobots is to fire wireless signals at the roach’s antennae and other sensory organs to guide it towards a desired location.

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Growing Genetically Engineered Stingrays for Footwear Raises Ethical Concerns


A company called Rayfish Footwear claims to bring consumers shoes made out of genetically engineered stingrays. The resulting shoes look very distinctive, but there has been some backlash against the ethics behind such products as well as the claims the company has made.

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Scientists Make 3D Objects Invisible to Microwave Wavelengths


After years of progress, scientists are now coming closer and closer to making real-world objects disappear from view. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have made a three-dimensional object disappear from view, from any angle, at microwave wavelengths.

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Foldit Online Gamers Achieve Crowdsourced Redesign of Protein


Online gamers obsessed with puzzles have now topped what scientists had failed to do by themselves, which was to improve the model of an enzyme. This has led to the first crowdsourced redesign of a protein, thanks to the online game Foldit, which was developed to allow players to fiddle at folding proteins at home, to search for the lowest-energy configurations.

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ALPHA: The World’s Most Innovative Bike?

While to many people, bike tech doesn’t seem to evolve much, there are refinements every year making bikes somewhat more efficient than just a decade ago. But that doesn’t stop some people from wanting a quantum leap in tech advances. A team of University of Pennsylvania mechanical engineering students have been working on a prototype bike that boasts a bunch of innovations. It’s called ALPHA.

alpha bike bicycle tech future upenn

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