Fan TV Entertainment Center: The Zen Way of Watching TV

I’ve seen many different kinds of clunky TV boxes, and many are forgettable. There are quite a few that are basically eyesores in your living room, and it’s not always easy to find a way to make them appealing, except if you completely hide them away.

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The Tradeoff Between Wired and Wireless Speaker

102312_rg_WirelessWiredSpeakers_01.jpgWith more and more wireless speakers popping up, it seems these are the perfect solution to wire-related problems. However, do these speakers outperform wired ones in every case? Here’s what you need to know if you’re about to make a speaker-related purchase.

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Hacked Long, Custom & Stylish Entertainment Center

051611_rg_LongIKEAEntCenter_01.jpgThere are many people who say that home theater furniture looks the same. Even if we don’t think so, it’s a good reason to modify and hack it in order to come up with new and unique configurations. The other advantage of hacking is that you end up with a custom solution from stuff that isn’t custom at all. The only limit is your budget and your ingenuity.

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Dress Up That Dresser As A Home Entertainment Center

When you’re looking for a suitable way to store and use a mini home theater system in your bedroom, you got to get creative with what you choose. While this type of dresser isn’t necessarily only for the bedroom, it makes us think of lying in our beds and watching a movie over the holidays.

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Home Theater Features HDTV That Fits Flush

We’ve seen some tidy home entertainment centers, but this one is a really interesting one, mainly because it makes the HDTV fit flush with the front end of the furniture. That keeps things nice and clean, and if you want to know how you can make your own, read on to find out more.

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The Other Double IKEA Lack TV Stand

When we mentioned how you could double your IKEA Lack storage for your TV stand, there were bound to be other versions of this hack that would appear. This is the latest and we have to say that it does look good. Instead of making the double Lack hack TV stand appear massive, it looks more svelte. Read on to see how it was done.

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Doubling the Capacity of IKEA LACK TV Shelving

When it comes time to set up your entertainment center, sometimes it’s hard to find one that will exactly suit your needs. This is why it’s so convenient to hack your own out of existing furniture. Most times, it doesn’t require much to make things work and if you’ve got an IKEA close by (as-is section, anyone?), then you’ve got a wealth of materials to use for a DIY solution.

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Using Hacked Shelves As Home Entertainment Centers

When you’re putting together your home theater system, there are quite a few different options that are available to you to make yours distinctive. One of the easiest ways that we’ve found is by using shelves, that are usually used for books, as bases for your home entertainment centers.

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Convert Your Fireplace Into Entertainment Center

Depending on where you live or the state of your fireplace, you either might not need it or it might not even function. There are a lot of these fireplaces in homes that just serve as a decorations. How about transforming it into something useful? Check out this project, where a fireplace was transformed into an entertainment center.

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IKEA’s LACK + Dioder = Great Home Entertainment Center

Getting the right home entertainment system can cost quite a bit of money. In these troubled economic times, we like to pinch pennies wherever we can. Marc Lane decided to use a cheap IKEA Lack bookcase and turn it into an entertainment center.

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