Cthulhu Suction Cup Plush: Way Cuter than Garfield

Anyone who’s a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos and HP Lovecraft will enjoy putting this Peeping Cthulhu Suction Cup Plush in the back window of their car. It’s the combination of things, the cuteness of the plush toy, the fact that Cthulhu was never meant to be cute, and the fact that most people driving behind you will have no idea what the hell it is that makes this one a winner.

cthulhu suction cup peeping toy entertainment earth lovecraft

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Futurama Plush Toys Arrive from the 30th Century

Although I like Zoidberg the least among these squishy characters from Futurama, he probably makes the best plush toy since he reminds me of the almighty Cthulhu.

futurama plush toys zoidberg bender nibbler

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