Reading Ebooks without Ebook Readers

100511_rg_EbooksnoEreader_01.jpgOver the last few months, we’ve started to make a switch towards ebooks. While most of the reasons behind the switch are practical, we’re not using an ereader to read our ebooks and we read every single day. Ereaders are nice devices, but the technology evolves so quickly and we don’t want to upgrade it every single year.

Readius Pocket E-Reader: Folds Right Up Into Your Pocket

051509_rg_readius_01.jpgAmazon just released the second version of their popular Kindle e-reader. They have also announced a large-screen DX version. The only trouble is that Amazon uses a very restrictive platform for their e-reader, making a lot of users wonder if the thing is actually worth the trouble. Plus, the price is extremely high. For $500, you can get a decent netbook and use that for reading instead of shelling out that amount of money for a Kindle.