Ergonomic Modular Keyboard Falls To Pieces

While this concept is a few months old, it’s still interesting. It’s true that ergonomic keyboards do make touch-typing easier, especially if you spend long hours in front of you computer, but the modular aspect of this keyboard is somewhat strange.

goran bobinac keyboard modular concept ergonomic

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trulyergonomic keyboard claims to be a revolution

While I’ve been touch-typing for years, sometimes as fast as a secretary, I’ve never tried any of the so-called ergonomic keyboards out there. Supposedly they will make you type faster and reduce some of the stress on your wrists. TrulyErgonomic claims their new keyboard is “revolutionary” and “a major update to the computer keyboard.” Is it really? Only time will tell.

trulyergonomic keyboard design peripheral computing
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5 Great Ergonomic Add-Ons For Your Workstation

It’s true that most of us are spending more and more hours in front of the computer. This means that everyone needs to make sure that they aren’t straining themselves or hunching over while they type away. Luckily, most people use some kind of ergonomic device in their home office. However, we’ve spotted a few simple ones that will make your life better.

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Hacking Ikea Furniture to Make An Ergonomic Desk

100509_rg_ergodeskhack_01.jpgIt’s one thing if you buy an ergonomic desk. It’s another think to hack existing IKEA furniture to make an ergonomic desk. Joel and Mandy transformed a few IKEA parts into an awesome ergonomic one, which includes smart cable management.

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Ergodex DX1: The Ultimately Customizable Keyboard

052909_rg_ergodex_dx_01.jpgWe’ve heard lots about the Optimus Maximus keyboard. It’s really cool, but it just costs way to much to be useful. That’s why we think that the this keyboard is perfect for people working from home, especially designers and graphic artists. It’s customizable and it’s something that we’ve never seen before. It just makes plain sense.

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