ESA Sets Goals for Space Exploration


At a recent meeting in Naples, Italy, EU ministers have agreed to give the European Space Agency (ESA) €10.1 billion ($13 billion) over the next several years, which is less than the total €12 billion that was considered at the beginning of the meeting.

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Cryosat Mission Took Detailed Data of Polar Ice Caps


The ESA’s Cryosat mission has been watching the Arctic sea ice with a high degree of precision ever since it was launched in 2010 to monitor the changes in thickness and shape of polar ice. It’s taken two years for scientists to tackle the amount of data that Cryosat generated.

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ESA’s Vega Rocket Has Launched on Its Maiden Voyage, Carries 9 Satellites


As of 7AM (10:00 GMT), the European Space Agency’s new Vega rocket has successfully launched on Monday, February 13th from Kourou, French Guyana, off the northern coast of South America. While Vega isn’t gigantic, it promises to be twice as effective as similar-sized rockets. The maiden voyage includes 9 satellites to deliver into orbit, including LARES, the frame-dragging measurement satellite.

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ESA’s Mars Express MARSIS Radar Explores Martian Oceans


The European Space Agency’s Mars Express has finally returned with some strong evidence of Martian oceans. Using its MARSIS radar, it detected sediments reminiscent of an ocean floor, within the boundaries of previously identified shorelines.

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ESA’s Hershel Space Telescope Captures Incredible Views of Eagle Nebula


The European Space Agency’s Hershel space telescope has captured new, gorgeous views of the Eagle Nebula, located 6,500 light-years away in the Serpens constellation.

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