Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker


It usually takes more than 30 seconds to brew an espresso, but the Piamo will allow anyone to make a good espresso in about 30 seconds. The device consists of a cup, water chamber, filter inlay and filter cap.

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Text-Enabled Espresso Machine Prints Your Number on Foam

This definitely isn’t your average texting setup, because it allows you to send a text message to remotely tell a coffee machine to start making your coffee. This espresso machine also prints the last three digits of your phone number on the foam, ensuring that no one will steal your fresh cup of java in the morning.

zipwhip textspresso coffee machine

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Why You Should Be Getting Your Caffeine Fix at Home

011811-espressomachine0.jpgOne of the main reasons why we completely stopped buying coffees at coffee shops is basic economics. Buying a cup/mug or two a day adds up to a lot of money over a year. In fact, you’d probably be surprised to learn that the Starbucks coffee you love so much could end up costing you as much as a very expensive Italian espresso machine…even one with a touchscreen interface!

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Swiss-Made Jura Capresso Coffee & Espresso Machines

051111_rg_JuraCapresso_01.jpgThere’s something beautiful about a nicely designed and well-put together coffee machine. These types of appliances can last you for years, so it’s good to choose one that will perform effectively over time. Since we’re already armed with a French press and a vacuum coffee maker, we have a weakness for espresso machines. Jura Capresso makes quite a few different machines, that will please many coffee addicts.

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Futuristic Espresso Machines: Perfect For the Java Junkie

040811_rg_FuturisticEspressoMachines_01.jpgGetting a nice coffee maker or espresso machine for your pad allows you to satisfy your overwhelming need for coffee in all its forms, especially when you work from home. Like many, we love a hot cup of java, and getting the right machine has always been somewhat complicated, thanks to the plethora of rigs available. We find that a simple cup of coffee is easy to make with minimal gear, but putting together a great cup of espresso is harder.

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Linje Wooden Espresso Machine by Øystein Helle Husby


I’ve seen quite a few different kinds of espresso machines, from the very expensive to the manual kind, including vacuum coffee makers. But this is the first that I’ve come across one that’s made out of wood. It’s a refreshing change from espresso machines that are mostly made out of metal.

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5 Different Ways of Brewing Espresso

I never used to like espresso before I lived with a Swiss Italian, who showed me the proper way to brew a cup of espresso. We didn’t have any fancy machines, but the end result was really good. Sure, it didn’t have enough crema, but it was a nice espresso nonetheless. Here are some machines and ways of brewing your own espresso.

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Gaggia & Modo Mio: Brewing Espresso With Style

It’s really nice to have a good espresso machine at home, one that won’t break the bank and let you enjoy a nice small cup of hot java. While espresso is an acquired taste, a lot of coffee lovers enjoy this strong Italian coffee. You can easily make your own with a French press or espresso pot, but a dedicated machine is still nice to have.

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Latte Factor: Ways On Saving Money On Your Cup of Coffee

Like many people, I enjoy drinking a hot cup of coffee, even when it’s scalding hot outside. There’s nothing like hot coffee to wake you up. But buying a latte or a cappuccino every day, or 2-3 times a day, can end up costing you a lot of money. How can you save on this expense and what tech could you use?

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5 Sleek & Great Espresso Makers

Some say that once you taste a really good espresso, it’s hard to go back to regular coffee. Others find espresso just too strong. While espresso machines are less used than coffee machines, more and more people are finding it simpler to just have one at home. Also, it transforms your home into a little coffee shop, filled with those great aromas and smells.

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