The Ashtray: Paradigm Shifts by Errol Morris

Errol Morris is at it again with a new essay called The Ashtray. The first part was published yesterday. The second appeared today.

The most important and most controversial aspect of Kuhn’s theory involved his use of the terms “paradigm shift” and “incommensurability.” That the scientific terms of one paradigm are incommensurable with the scientific terms of the paradigm that replaces it. A revolution occurs. One paradigm is replaced with another. And the new paradigm is incommensurable with the old one. He made various attempts to define it — changing and modifying his definitions along the way. In the 1962 edition of “Structure” incommensurability was likened to a Gestalt-flip. Presumably, it was about how we see the world.

Anosognosia: Lack of Knowledge of One’s Illness

Errol Morris has published his second part of his new five-parter. In this part, he explores anosognosia, the lack of knowledge of one’s illness. I really devoured this one. I think I need to read some of his earlier essays again, The Case of the Inappropriate Alarm Clock.

The Incredible Poetic Journey of Kristen Hoggatt

The incredible story of poet Kristin Hoggatt. She survived a terrible accident with brain damage, which affected her language center, but still became a poet and ESL teacher.

The Triumph of Default

Kevin Kelly explores the triumph of default.

On The Great Silk Road

Kristen Hoggat, of the Ask a Poet column at the Smart Set, gives us a glimpse into her life when she volunteered for the Peace Corps after recovering from a tragic car accident that killed two of her closest friends. She went from Arizona to Uzbekistan, hearing of Tamerlane and visiting Samarkand. It’s a beautiful story. I loved it.

J.J. Abrams on the Magic of Mystery

Lost creator J. J. Abrams on the magic of mystery in this month’s themed Wired issue.

How We Can Stop To Worry About The Recession

A great article by Manisha Verma over at 3QDaily about what we could do to improve the economic situation, with some great ideas and thoughtful analysis.