Eureka S02E13 (Scifi)

This is the second part of the season finale of Eureka.

Pretty much everything is explained, except the true nature of the strange artifact. Henry surprises everyone with his way of dealing with things. Allison is most definitely a lot closer to Stark than previously. I don’t think that Carter will be able to salvage this.

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Eureka S02E12 (Scifi)

This is the first part of the season finale. This story has been building since the beginning of the season. It involves the artifact and Allison’s son Kevin. In some way, Kevin bonded with the artifact. There is some technical mumbo jumbo about this, but what it means is that Kevin is going to die if his connection with the artifact isn’t severed. While he is in contact, he has access to strange knowledge derived from what the people at GD call the Akashic Field.

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Eureka S02E11 (Scifi)

Carter and Jo are participating in a sexual harassment seminar. Carter asks Allison for the files on the accident that killed Kim. Allison wants Carter to find Bob Stone, the biologist who integrated the air con in Eureka.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Eureka S02E10 (Scifi)

From my Fire In The Sky Series, taken earlier this week, on Monday the 1st of October 2007.

Zoe wants to get a tattoo and Carter is watching his diet, while eating a pizza. While making plans to go out on the weekend, Zoe and her friends loose their voices.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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