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  • Google Flight Search Expands into Europe

    Getting the cheapest flights is often a concern, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Google Flight Search is a quick and helpful tool for locating the best prices for flyers, but when the service was launched, it was available only for US-based travelers. Google just recently expanded the service to cover more countries. Read more @…

  • Spread of Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes in Europe Prompts Surveillance

    Invasive mosquitoes carrying exotic diseases have made their entry into Europe. Diseases generally absent from Europe, like chikungunya and dengue fever have appeared around the continent. Europe’s entomologists and public-health experts have joined forces to try and defend the region. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Italian Volcano Etna Has Its Third Eruption of 2012

    The Italian volcano Etna, located in on the eastern coast of Sicily, has had its third paroxysm of 2012 on March 4th, its first since early February. The new eruption was a relatively short event, which was preceded by 18 days worth of smaller strombolian activity, which are relatively lower level volcanic eruptions. Read more…

  • Boxwood Fungus Blight Invades North America After Taking Europe and New Zealand by Storm

    A boxwood blight, caused by an aggressive fungus disease, has started to invade the North American continent, after it had spread throughout Europe and New Zealand. Last October, US authorities confirmed that the blight had jumped continents, and started infections in North Carolina and Connecticut. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Ruminant Orthobunyavirus Takes Northern Europe By Surprise

    A new virus has been found that causes fetal malformations and stillbirths in cattle, sheep and goats in northern Europe. Scientists don’t have a clue about the origin of the virus or why there is this sudden outbreak. Scientists want to share the virus and protocols to allow anyone interested to study the disease and develop…

  • Fall of the Euro?

    n+1 has got a great article on the Euro and the Eurozones.

  • Europe’s Web of Debt

    Holy canoli, it’s looking bad in the EU for now, at least economically.

  • Wallander

    When I heard that Kenneth Branagh was playing Kurt Wallander, I was pretty surprised. I didn’t know much about the novels or the Swedish series, but I knew that it would be interesting. I wasn’t disappointed. The new series on BBC follows the investigations of workaholic detective Kurt Wallander, who’s had trouble living a personal…

  • Daily Financial Crisis Recap 17.10.08

    The Dow ends the day 127.04 pts lower than yesterday at 8,852.22. A loss of 1.41%. The Dow is pretty volatile right now. It’s just the start. As soon as the recession sets in, things won’t be good. The French bank La Caisse d’Épargne lost $807 million because of the derivatives market. They are currently…

  • Daily Financial Crisis Recap 12.10.08

    An unsurprising move, after the something similar was announced in the US and the UK. Germany will inject up to $536 billion. The initial plan calls for $50 to $100 billion. Norway is going to spend $58 billion. France will pledge less than Germany. Britain is spending $255 billion and the US $700 billion. Analysts…