European Cave Paintings Older Than Previously Thought, Might Have Been Painted by Neanderthals


Some European cave paintings are older than previously thought, implying that Neanderthals might have been their creators rather than Homo sapiens. It’s not yet certain, but some of the earliest paintings that were dated raise interesting questions, including whether Neanderthals were painters.

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Blond Hair of Melanesians Evolved Differently Than Those of Europeans


A new study of the people from the Solomon Islands in Melanesia, a group of islands northeast of Australia, has shown that blond hair evolved differently, genetically speaking, than in Europeans. About 5-10% of the people in Melanesia have naturally blond hair, which is the highest prevalence outside of Europe.

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New Homeier and Kdesign Kitchen Hoods

011211_rg_EuroKitchenHoods_01.jpgThere’s something magical about gorgeous kitchen hoods; they can set your whole kitchen apart. It’s one of the few appliances that’s mostly overlooked. However, since it’s very massive in most homes, the overall look of a kitchen and a house can be much improved by choosing a distinctive kitchen hood.

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