Evian Star Wars Bottles: Drink the Force

While I’m far from being a water-snob, I do like drinking Evian instead of tap water whenever I can find it here in Taipei. These concept Star Wars Evian bottles look pretty awesome, and just make me want to drink the expensive bottled water even more.

evian star wars bottles

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The Truth about Fiji Water

A harrowing tale about how the junta in Fiji didn’t take kindly about an American reporter. (via kottke)

A few years back, Fiji Water canned its waterfall logo and replaced it with a picture of palm fronds and hibiscus: “Surface water!” Resnick wrote in Rubies. “Why would you want to suggest that Fiji came from surface water? The waterfall absolutely had to go.” One company newsletter featured the findings of a salt-crystal purveyor who claimed that Fiji Water rivals the “known and significant abilities of ‘Holy Healing Waters’ in Lourdes, France or Fatima, Portugal.” Switching effortlessly from Catholic mysticism to sci-fi, he added that the water’s “electromagnetic field frequency enables Fiji Water to stimulate our human self-regulation system.”

Appalling practices by a so-called green company Fiji Water. I’ve had a bottle or two, but tend to drink filtered water instead. Of course, from time to time, I’ll drink a bottle of Evian.

Update: Fiji’s response and Clara Jeffery’s retort.