Ankle Bone Fossil of Earliest Primate Implies That It Was Arboreal


It’s always been contentious when primates started climbing trees. The discovery of some new ankle bones is now making it look like primates have always been arboreal.

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Biodiversity on Earth Increases with Global Warming


It would seem logical that periods of global warming in Earth’s history started the extinction pulses that defined the geological record. However, that’s not the case as a report that was published this week proves. The warming of Earth is accompanied by an increased biodiversity. That doesn’t mean that the mass extinction pulses won’t take place.

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Study Finds Goats Adjust Their Vocalizations to Surroundings


The sounds that animals make are determined by their genes, but a new study published in the journal in Animal Behaviour shows that pygmy goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) can develop regional accents as they grow older. They join humans, bats, whales, songbirds and elephants, who all listen and learn vocal cues from their surroundings.

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Study Measures Mammalian Growth, Taking 24 Million Years to Go from Mouse to Elephant


Evolution has its quirks, and getting from a mouse-sized animal to a pachyderm didn’t take thousands of years, it took millions. Evolutionary biologists have published findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have discovered that it took 24 million years to get from a mouse-like animal to get to an animal the size of an elephant.

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Evolutionary Biologists Make Multicellular Life Evolve in the Lab


The evolutionary transition between single-celled organisms and multicellular life as we know it took several billion years to occur in nature, but under artificial pressure, evolutionary biologists have been able to make it happen in 60 days.

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