Titan Arm Assistive Exoskeleton Wins James Dyson Award

Exoskeletons are definitely the way to go to boost and assist people’s natural strength. There have been numerous exoskeleton prototypes created, but most of them cost an arm and a leg to make. That’s not the case of the Titan Arm, winner of the 2013 James Dyson Award.

titan arm exoskeleton dyson 620x394

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NASA’s X1 Robotic Exoskeleton to Help Astronauts in Space

 the X1 Robotic Exoskeleton
Project Engineers Roger Rovekamp and Shelley Rea demonstrate the X1 Robotic Exoskeleton for resistive exercise, rehabilitation and mobility augmentation in the Advanced Robotics Development Lab. Image courtesy of Robert Markowitz

A powered exoskeleton might help astronauts accomplish superhuman tasks in orbit. NASA’s new X1 robotic exoskeleton is a direct spinoff their space-borne Robonaut 2 project, and could help astronauts stay healthy while also allowing paraplegics to walk on Earth.

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Kickstart Kinetic Orthosis Aims to Help Disabled Walk Again

Helping people who can’t walk walk again is an admirable goal, and that’s what the Kinect Kinetic Orthosis is supposed to do. It’s specifically designed for people suffering from neurological disorders that affect the strength of their legs.

Cadence Kickstart exoskeleton

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Japanese HAL Robo-Suit Exoskeleton to Carry Disabled Man Up Mountain

This robotic exoskeleton, like most exoskeletons, can give anyone who wears it a lot of extra strength. Enough strength to carry a paralyzed man up a mountain. At least that’s what’s going to happen with this particular suit.

robo suit hal hybrid assisted limb exoskeleton japanese robots

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Unpowered Exoskeleton: James Cameron, Eat Your Alien Heart out

I’ve always wanted to see in real life the exoskeleton that Ripley used in Aliens. It looks like it almost has arrived. Skeletonics [JP] appears to be a college-level engineering project, but it does look pretty impressive. This is what they call a “passive” exoskeleton because it doesn’t have any servomechanisms.

skeletonics robotics exoskeleton japan

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x-Ar Exoskeleton Arm Gives Arms Super Strength

Ever since I saw an exoskeleton in Aliens, I wondered why there weren’t any real ones around. Over the last decade, actual working exoskeletons have started to appear, albeit in a smaller fashion. This one is only for your arm to help you lift very heavy things.

exoskeleton arm equipois x-ar robotics

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Move Over Sci-fi, Robot Exoskeletons Are Coming Thanks to Raytheon

Ah Raytheon, just the name scares some guys silly. Raytheon is a defense contractor and they’ve released some new information and videos of their new exoskeleton called the XOS 2. And no, this isn’t science-fiction.

raytheon xos exoskeleton defense science-fiction iron man

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